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Chapman ready to pounce on 2015

Veteran Paul Chapman is yet to decide whether he will play on after the 2015 season.

11:38am  Dec 18, 2014

Hocking to undergo surgery

Key midfielder Heath Hocking will tomorrow undergo surgery to fix an ongoing groin problem.

10:31am  Dec 18, 2014

Bully Zero Australia Foundation launches national hotline

Essendon Football Club was proud to join its community partner Bully Zero Australia Foundation to launch its new national hotline 1800 0BULLY.

8:17am  Dec 18, 2014

The Essendon Football Club is one of our great loves. This historic Club continually provides us with so much enjoyment and wonderful memories. Outstanding legends including John Coleman, Dick Reynolds and James Hird have amazed us. Past and present, it has been a Club built on success - great players, famous wins, and, of course, our 16 Premierships.

With the return of our favourite sons James Hird and Mark 'Bomber' Thompson a new era has dawned. And so has Bombers Forever.

With a super coaching team, Hirdy and Bomber are leading the way and grooming our exciting young stars to become legends of the future.

The Essendon Football Club now invites you to join this exciting journey to help ensure our club becomes stronger than ever and soars to new heights for generations to come. You can do this by joining Bombers Forever EFC Bequest Society.


By planning a future gift, you will be joining a special group of proud, generous and passionate supporters who are preserving our magnificent heritage and helping to shape our future as a premiership Club for generations to come.

Your special gift will help keep our Club financially strong and make a real difference both on and off the field and in the wider community.

You can read more about the important aims of Bombers Forever EFC Bequest Society below.

On full consideration of all the material, and after making provisions for your family and other important beneficiaries, we invite you to consider leaving a bequest to the club. This act entitles you to membership of Bombers Forever.


The landscape of Australian Rules Football has changed dramatically in recent years. The game has become more professional and the competition both on and off the field is fierce.

Essendon Football Club has remained one of the most successful Clubs in the history of the game. It is the goal of everyone associated with the Club that this remains the case into the future.

The future is not just about on-field success. It is also about developing our players as people and continuing our important role in the wider community, involving ourselves in programs for the young and disadvantaged.

Bombers Forever EFC Bequest Society provides an opportunity for supporters of the Club to underpin the future of these vital activities, to keep the Club strong and proud for future generations.


Bombers Forever members share a special bond and sense of belonging. Not only will you be contributing to your Club's future success, but you will also be part of a welcoming and social environment and enjoy rare behind- the-scenes experiences not available to general membership.

As a member you will also receive special privileges including:

  • Invitations to attend Bombers Forever functions featuring special guest speakers and appearances from past and present players
  • Member-only inner sanctum experiences
  • A personalised Bombers Forever framed certificate signed by Chairman David Evans and CEO Ian Robson
  • An exclusive Bombers Forever gift box which includes a linen-bound Limited Edition copy of the Illustrated History of the Essendon Football Club, signed by coach James Hird and captain Jobe Watson valued at $500
  • Being immortalised on an Honour Board and your name recorded in a perpetual Honour Book which will be proudly displayed in our new Hall of Fame
  • An exclusive Bombers Forever frame, letter opener and an honorary lapel pin to wear with pride
  • Your name featured in Club publications
  • Updates on the activities of our Society

We understand that some people may prefer to give their gift of Bequest anonymously. We would honour any such request and observe full confidentiality.


Should you decide to join Bombers Forever it is our commitment that your bequest will be treated with the utmost respect and confidentiality.

Your Bequest will be invested into a special future fund, called Bombers Forever Bequest Foundation, managed by the Club, to secure Essendon Football Club's long-term future. It is the Club's intention that only the profits earned from the fund will be utilized. The future fund will remain in perpetuity returning much needed income to the club on an annual basis.

This way the integrity of the future fund is protected and your legacy remains an everlasting one.

The exact details of your bequest will be kept confidential by the Club.


The prime objective of Bombers Forever is the advancement and development of the players and the community.

The profits from the fund will be used for:

  • Capital equipment and resources for the development of players
  • Initiatives to enhance the development of players as role models and build their skills to life beyond football
  • Specific Community Programs

Any use of the future fund needs to align with these aims. All requests for funding must first be submitted by Club Management to the EFC Board for approval.


Making a will can give you peace of mind by knowing that your personal wishes have been honoured.

Yet it is surprising to know one-third of adults do not have a valid Will.

If you have decided to leave a financial gift or bequest a portion of your estate to the Essendon Football Club, now would be a good time to review or make your Will.

It's your way of taking care of family members and others who have been important to you throughout your life.


Once you have taken care of your family, friends and loved ones, your bequest to the Essendon Football Club could be in the form of:

  • A percentage of the value of your Estate;
  • The residue of your Estate after taking care of all your other beneficiaries;
  • A specified amount of money; or
  • Real property.

To ensure your wishes are clearly and legally stated, you may wish to consider the following options:

  • Consulting a qualified solicitor or Trustee company;
  • Inserting a paragraph in your existing Will; or
  • Completing a simple codicil document which is then attached to you Will.

While there are several bequest clauses, the following is most commonly used for a general Bequest:

"I give to the Essendon Football Club ______ % of my Estate, OR ______ % of the residue of my Estate, OR I give to the Essendon Football Club the sum of $ ______ to be used for its general purposes. The receipt of an authorised officer of the Essendon Football Club will be sufficient discharge to my Executor/Trustee."

Your Trustee or Solicitor will be able to advise you in respect to the correct wording for the bequest clause in your Will. The Essendon Football Club is not authorised or qualified to provide legal advice. However there are solicitors who are also Essendon supporters who are prepared to provide Bombers Forever members with assistance and advice.


Thank you for considering this invitation and the great support that you have given to the Essendon Football Club. We sincerely hope you continue to enjoy the Club's performances for many years to come.

Your generous support can truly make a difference. For any further information on how to join Bombers Forever please contact:

Erana Kingsley
PO Box 17, Essendon VIC 3040
Phone: (03) 9230 0261