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Bombers train at new base

January 18, 2013 11:28 AM

The Bombers move to Melbourne Airport has taken another important step, with the players now officially training on the new MCG size oval at the High Performance Centre.

The players and coaches have praised the new cushioned surface on the freshly laid grass and described the oval as a first class training venue.

In the background of the oval, development on the training and administration building continues to take shape, with construction due to be completed by midyear.

The Flight Plan fundraising for the project has raised $19 million of the $25.7 million required to complete construction.

For more information on the new High Performance Centre and how to donate, please visit

Other facilities at the High Pefromance Centre include an indoor pool, gymnasium, elite recovery areas, a one kilometre running circuit, auditorium for player/coach reviews and games analysis and an indoor training space that will be utilised for drills, match tactics and game simulation.