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Bombers recognised in centenary celebrations

Staff Writers  February 26, 2013 2:12 PM

As part of Essendon High School ‘s (Essendon Keilor College) centenary year celebrations in 2013 the school is set to announce a team of the century.

The Team of the Century is set to celebrate the school’s 54 former students who have played VFL/AFL football during the last hundred years.

Of the 54 VFL/AFL players, 33 have played for Essendon Football Club including champion players such as Jack Clarke, Ken Fraser, Barry Davis and Tim Watson.

If you would like any further information regarding the events to celebrate the centenary, please contact the Principal, Jenny Barron or Barbara Opar at the school on (03) 8331 0100.

Find below the full list of Essendon’s 34 players that attended Essendon High School:

Tim Watson (Essendon 307 games)
Barry Davis (Essendon/North Melbourne 289 games)
Ken Fraser (Essendon 198 games)
Jack Clarke (Essendon 263 games)
Barry Capuano (Essendon 118 games)
Andrew Welsh (Essendon 162 games)
Noel Allanson (Essendon 57 games)
Robert Amos (Essendon 54 games)
Bruce Anderson (Essendon 97 games)
Jim Carstairs (Essendon 71 games)
Doug Dench (Essendon 27 games)
Neville Fields (Essendon/South Melbourne 200 games)
Jeff Gamble (Essendon 90 games)
Keith Gent (Essendon 7 games)
Bob Gluyas (Essendon 9 games)
Murray Dimble (Essendon 20 games, St Kilda 17 games)
Harry Hunter (Essendon 109 games)
Ian Monks (Essendon/South Melbourne 20 games)
Alby Murdoch (Essendon 65 games)
Ken Peucker (Essendon 60 games)
Keith Rawle  (Essendon 111 games)
Graeme Schultz (Essendon 77 games)
Greg Tate (Essendon 70 games)
Allan Shaw (Essendon 5 games)
Jack Vosti (Essendon/Footscray 127 games)
Pat Wellington (Essendon 58 games)
Dick Bryar (Essendon 3 games)
Jack Simpson (Essendon 6 games)
Ken Roberts (Essendon 100 games)
William Gnaden (Essendon 2 games)
Russell Hill (Essendon 14 games)
Jack Johnston (Essendon 5 games)
Keith Mcintosh (Essendon 1 game)
Lloyd Middleton (Essendon 2 games)