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Red and Black: Brendon Goddard

July 30, 2013 3:22 PM

Who did you barrack for as a kid: Carlton

Who was your favourite player: Anthony Koutafides

Who do you think is the next big thing at your club and why: Joe Daniher

Who has had the most influence on your career: Grant Thomas and Ross Lyon

What are your pre-game superstitions: Too many

Winning touchdown in the SuperBowl or the winning penalty kick in the Champions League final: Superbowl

Who do you follow on Twitter: All things golf

Biggest pest at your club: Alwyn Davey

Teammate most likely to Google his own name: Dylan van Unen

Which teammate delivers the best sledge: Tom Bellchambers

Which teammate is likely to be seen shopping in an exclusive area: Jobe Watson

Who is more likely to buy from an Op Shop: Nick Kommer

Name the three most admired people you would like to meet: Steve Jobs, Tiger Woods and Prince Harry

What is your dream place to visit and why: South Hampton – The golfing mecca

Name one food you just can’t stomach: Tuna

Favourite movie and favourite movie star: Denzel Washington – Man on Fire

Favourite band or musician: Johnny Cash or Powderfinger