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VFL squad vs Geelong

March 17, 2017 12:12 PM

Cale Hooker will play for the VFL side in a practice match tonight.

Cale Hooker will play for the VFL side in a practice match tonight.

Cale Hooker, Heath Hocking, Ben Howlett, Josh Green and Tom Bellchambers headline a star-studded Essendon VFL line-up named to play Geelong VFL in a practice match tonight.

The game will mark Hooker's first competitive hit-out of the pre-season.  He's expected to play close to a full game while Bellchambers is more likely to be on a managed game load.

The match will be played at Simonds Stadium at 6:30pm and Essendon fans will be kept up to date via the Club's social media channels and BomberTV.

Essendon squad vs Geelong

1. Aaron Heppell, 2. Tom Bellchambers, 3. Nick Hind, 4. Nash Holmes, 6. Alex Boyse, 10. Aaron Francis, 15. Josh Green, 18. Kieran Strachan, 19. Kobe Mutch, 20. Jackson Merrett, 22. James Ferry, 23. Nick O'Brien, 24. Craig Bird, 26. Cale Hooker, 28. Ben Dobson, 29. Michael Luxford, 34. Jake Long, 36. Michael Hartley, 37. Dylan Clarke, 38. Sam Draper, 39. Heath Hocking, 40. Ben Howlett, 41. Ben McNiece, 43. Daniel Younan, 45. Conor McKenna, 47. Ozgur Uysal, 49. Matt Dea