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Past Players membership drive

The EFCPP&OA are very keen to ensure that all eligible past players become members of our Association and we ask members/supporters if they are aware of any past player who is not a member of our Association, including those listed below, and would like to become a member, please let us know by clicking here.

Apart from playing at least one senior game with the club, Reserve Grade players who played a minimum of 20 reserve games with the Club are also eligible.

According to our records the following list of Reserve Grade players are eligible to be members, however at this stage we have been unable to track down.

Richard Ambrose 1991-92          

Dean Haydock 1995-96        

Kieran Murrihy 1993

Craig Anderson 1998                

D. Heard 1978-79    

Ross Napoli 1990-91

Dwayne Armstrong 1996-97          

Andrew Henderson 1997          

Anthony O’Brien 1983

Garry Barrow 1989-91          

Robert Hickmott 1988-89    

J. Roach 1970

Jason Casey 1994-96          

Scott Hicks 1987-88    

Jeremy Schmidt 1986

Peter Christoforo 1997-98          

Christopher Johns 1983-86    

Shane Sheppard 1999

K. Currie 1977-78

Michael Strickland 1989-91

Mark Deakin 1984-87                

Enzo Tomasiello 1994

Anthony Dell 1985-88          

T. Leslie 1972-73    

Anthony Tranter 1987-90

S. Demitriou 1973-74          

A. McClure 1978          

Luke Trew 1997

Andrew Dimattina 1996-99          

G. McClure 1978              

P. Veccheit 1969-71

B.Mason 1978

Waters 1975

Brett Hanks 1986                

Andrew Mills 1990-91    

Jim Wynd 1984-85

John Harper 1985-86