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Heppell injury update

Simon Conway  May 16, 2017 5:27 PM

BTV: Dyson Heppell Injury Update Captain Dyson Heppell provides an update on his injured hand.

He excelled in the heat of the midfield last Saturday night, but the heat of the kitchen nearly brought Dyson Heppell undone a day later.

The Essendon Captain injured his hand and required stitches after a ‘microwave mishap’.

But he’s allayed any fears he’s in doubt for Sunday’s match against West Coast.

“The other night on my birthday actually I was defrosting some steaks in the microwave, went to grab the plate out of the microwave and dropped it – got the fumbles,” he said.

“I tried to catch it again and the plate had smashed on the bench and I got a good gouge in my hand.

“I rang the ‘Doc’ straight away and he put a couple of stitches to fix the hand.

“I’ll be cherry ripe, I’ve just had the last couple of days doing one-handed stuff and I’ll be right to go for main training on Thursday and then tear in on Sunday.”