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Trade talk: October 6

October 6, 2017 12:12 PM

Player Manager Paul Connors spoke to NAB AFL Trade Radio about a potential trade involving client Jake Stringer.

Here is what Connors had to say:

“He’s got a lot to think about, he’s got all of the facts in front of him now and I think over the weekend he’ll make a decision.

“Essendon – he’s leaning towards there, but anything can happen.

“He’s got the information, he’ll sit down with his family I think and make a decision over the weekend.

“He’s contracted (to the Western Bulldogs) so you can never rule that out (returning) 100 per cent, but I think there is a meeting of the minds that it’s best for Jake to play elsewhere.

“We’ve got faith in Adrian (Dodoro), Rob Kerr, Xavier Campbell and the team that if he did choose Essendon that they could get the deal done.

“When you’re contracted it’s a lot more complicated than when you’re not.

“But on the flipside to that, Jake wanted to stay (at the Bulldogs), they wanted to move him and now we’re acting on that. 

“I would have thought Devon Smith and Jake Stringer are similar types – their remuneration is probably similar, there are many judges who will say Devon is better than Jake and there will be a couple that will say Jake is better than Devon so time will tell.”