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Trade talk: October 12

October 12, 2017 5:12 PM

BTV: Trade | Adrian Dodoro Update - Oct 12 Adrian Dodoro gives us an update on the trade period so far, including the deal that saw Devon Smith come to the Bombers.

List and Recruiting Manager Adrian Dodoro on Western Bulldog Jake Stringer:

“There is a long time to play out in the trade period and we will try fairly hard to get it done.

“It is trade period and these things take time. Pick 11 is not on the table, pick 11 is now gone. It’ll have to be a combination of other things. 

“We have given a strong indication to Jake that we will do our best to get the deal done. There is a fair way to go and we hope we can land him.”

List and Recruiting Manager Adrian Dodoro on Gold Coast's Adam Saad:

“We definitely think Adam is a second round draft pick.

“We are being fair with that and I’m sure we can come to some arrangement with the Gold Coast."

List and Recruiting Manager Adrian Dodoro on new Bomber Devon Smith:

“It is a great day for the club to get a young man like Devon into the footy club.

“We wanted some further picks to get some other stuff happening later in the trade period. I think it is a good deal for us.”

Western Bulldog Stewart Crameri on the possibility on re-joining the Bombers

“If Essendon were keen to get me back I would be happy to walk in the door and see all of the boys again. 

“My body is fixed and I’m ready to go … I’m mentally refreshed and my body is refreshed.

“I’d be really excited to play again next year.”