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Late gem Guelfi

BTV: Matt Guelfi Interview We caught up with new recruit, Matt Guelfi.

Whilst it was a shock to be picked up late in the 2017 NAB AFL Draft, one of Essendon's newest recruits, Matt Guelfi, enjoyed the moment at home.

Guelfi was drafted by the Bombers with pick number 76 after spending the year in the WAFL developing his game.

"I was just at home with mum. It was a bit of a surprise going late it in the draft, it was a bit emotional but it was good." Guelfi said.

Guelfi has been taken under the wing of fellow young players and house mates, Kobe Mutch and Jordan Ridley.

"It's been good, the boys have been all good and I'm living with a couple of younger boys so that's been an exciting couple of days and now finally getting into training," Guelfi said.

"Mutchy and Jordan Ridley have been showing me around and helping me out, they have been good."

The thing that has stood out most to Guelfi is the standard of the facilities at the Club's base at Melbourne Airport.

"Everyone is pretty welcoming here, the facilities are pretty amazing and I'm not used to that. We have pretty good facilities, but nothing like this." Guelfi said.

Guelfi's focus during the pre-season will revolve around building his muscle mass, putting on some size and building his endurance.

"Building on my strength, I'm used to the bigger bodies so I just need to put a bit of more size on and get my fitness up." Guelfi said.