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Goddard's selfless act

Despite being voted into the leadership group Brendon Goddard has made the selfless decision to step aside.

After some personal reflection Goddard assisted in fast-tracking the development of his teammates leadership aspirations within the Club.

“The main reason was really to step aside and let someone at a younger age step into the leadership group to not only benefit their personal leadership but the team including the demographics of the list and where it’s heading,” Goddard said.

“I thought there was better benefit for the team and more individually that a couple of guys would benefit it more than myself.”

Goddard will still be an influential senior figure within the playing group, sighting that his leadership within the Club isn’t going to be reduced now that he isn’t an official member of the leadership group.

“My attitude isn’t going to change towards leadership and what I deem important, I won’t be contributing any less in being a voice for the players and giving my opinion.

Goddard highlighted the impressive leadership talent growing amongst the squad’s younger players and has been specifically impressed with Andrew McGrath, Zach Merrett, Orazio Fantasia and David Myers.

“We are blessed with younger leaders now and guys coming through,” Goddard said.

“A few will get their go in the near future like Andy McGrath who has stood out at such a young age.

“Zach Merrett got his chance last year and is regarded really highly amongst the playing group as he retains his vice-captaincy.

“Guys who haven’t been in the leadership group previously but have been regarded really highly are Orazio Fantasia and David Myers, who have both been recognised and get their chance this season.

“Myers is a little bit older but through other guys being in the leadership group he hasn’t had that official responsibility previously.

“They are guys in particular who may benefit from older boys leaving such as Jobe and Brent Stanton and they were certainly at the forefront when thinking about stepping down.”

Goddard has been in the leadership group since crossing from St Kilda for the 2013 season. His first season was recognised after being crowned the Crichton Medallist in 2013 and captained the team in 2016.