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Since 2013, EFC has undertaken a number of steps to enhance its governance framework and to ensure that high standards of corporate governance and risk management are maintained throughout the Club. These include:

  • introducing a new framework of Club values with an emphasis on mutual respect, diversity, collaboration and the promotion of safety and wellbeing;

  • revising the Club’s Executive structure with alignment to strategic priorities and clear, single lines of accountability;

  • enhancing the Club’s risk management and policy and procedure frameworks, including the introduction of new and improved delegations, medical, recruitment and procurement policies, procedures and practices;

  • improving reporting to the Board across all key areas of the business;

  • providing additional staff training in safety, bullying, harassment and diversity;

  • including OHS responsibilities in all position descriptions and accountabilities for wellbeing, governance and compliance in all individual annual performance plans and reviews;

  • procuring an additional independent OHS audit with a focus on risks to players and match day staff;

  • employing a Manager – Legal, Integrity & Compliance as a driver of risk management, compliance and governance initiatives and to provide an additional independent reporting channel for any integrity concerns;

  • introducing an internal whistleblower policy and anonymous reporting channels and promoting the various integrity reporting channels to staff, players and families;

  • etablishing the Club’s Football Executive to assess all new Football Department initiatives;

  • enhancing the Club’s Audit Committee (now Audit, Risk & Integrity Committee), to incorporate additional/enhanced oversight of integrity & risk and inclusion of player, medical, football staff and AFL representatives;

  • introducing new Charters for the Board, Audit, Risk & Integrity Committee and Nominations and Remuneration Committee; and

  • monitoring attitudes to governance, risk and compliance through staff surveys.