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Who is eligible to be a member

The following persons are eligible to become members of the Association:

                       (1) All past players who have played one or more senior games with the EFC; 

                       (2) Players who have played a minimum of 20 games with the EFC’s Reserve

                            Grade in the VFL/AFL competitions;

                       (3) All former Senior Office Bearers of the EFC;

                              Definition of Senior Office Bearer

                              (a)  Members of the EFC Board of Management who have served a minimum

                                     of 6 year (2 terms).

                              (b)  EFC Secretaries/General Managers/Chief Executive Officers.

                              (c)  EFC Senior Coaches. 

                      (4) Trainers/Medical/Para-Medical and Football Support Staff of the EFC with at

                            least 10 years of appointed service;

                      (5) EFC Life Members (including Reserve Grade Life Members);

                      (6) Members of the EFC Social Committee and Committee Members of EFC Coterie

                            Club Groups with at least 10 years’ service; 

                      (7) All present members of the Association who do not qualify under any of the 

                            above provisions; or

                       (8) Persons, up to 2 per year, who the Committee believe have made a significant

                             contribution to the EFC or the Association but do not qualify under any sub-clause.

Purpose of the Association

The purposes of the association are to encourage all qualifying persons to become members of the Association in order to:

2.1     In strict confidence, assist members and/or members of their immediate family who may require assistance and support in times of personal difficulty. 

2.2     Foster a spirit of friendship, camaraderie and sense of common purpose between members through:

           (a)   Raising funds for the Association and its Trust;

           (b)   Social functions;

           (c )  Newsletters;

           (d)   Maintenance of a Website relevant to past players; and

           (e)   Members business networking promotion.

2.3      Encourage a continuing relationship with the Essendon Football Club (EFC) to ensure that Association members receive ongoing benefits from the Club including but not limited to invitations to Club functions and EFC matches.

2.4      Wherever possible, work with the EFC to assist, preserve, maintain and market the history, heritage, and public profile of the Club.