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1912 Premiership

October 12, 2017 3:19 PM


The Bombers beat the favourite South Melbourne in front of 54,463 - which a record at the time for the biggest crowd at an Australian sporting event.

Essendon’s 1911 captain Dave Smith missed the whole season when he was selected to play Test cricket for Australia in England.

Alan Belcher replaced him and the club won its second successive flag beating South Melbourne.

Jack Kirby’s 43 goals were the most by an Essendon player since Thurgood in 1894.

The crowd was the largest ever to witness a sporting contest in Australia.

Essendon 1.4  3.9  4.14  5.17 (47)

South Melbourne 1.3  2.4  2.6  4.9 (33)

Best: Armstrong, Baring, Bowe, Caine, Ogden, Sewart

Goals: Baring, Caine, Kirby, Ogden, Walker


B: J. O'Brien, B. Griffiths, G. McLeod

HB: L. White, D. Hanley, L. Bowe

C: W. Chalmers, B. Sewart, F. Kirkwood

HF: J. Kirby, F. Caine, P. Shea

F: J. Martin, L. Armstrong, B. Walker

R: A. Belcher, F. Braing, P. Ogden

Coach: J. Worrall

Average age: 26

Average games: 73


Best and Fairest: Ernest Cameron

Leading goalkicker: Jack Kirby (43)