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2018 VFLW Playing List

Number First name Surname DOB  Height Community/TAC Cup Club Player Sponsor
1 Jessica Trend 01/07/1991 163cm Eastern
3 Monique DeMatteo 24/05/1997 168cm West Preston
4 Natasha Hardy 18/02/1984 163cm Sunbury
5 Stephanie Hird 25/04/1999 172cm Old Geelong Keith Richards OAM
6 Alex Quigley 02/09/1996 168cm Sunbury Peter Lausch
7 Kirby Hicks 06/04/1987 177cm Diamond Creek
8 Hayley Bullas 23/09/1996 165cm Diamond Creek
9 Lisa Williams 27/11/1986 175cm Diamond Creek
12 Elizabeth Kearney 04/01/1989 180cm Eastern
13 Michaela Long 26/06/1997 170cm Diamond Creek Keith Richards OAM
14 Jenna Barker 15/10/1988 164cm Seaford Rhino Linings Gippsland
15 Lauren Caruso 19/11/1999 161cm Keilor The Ford Family
16 Bella Nichols 14/12/1998 173cm Old Xaverians Rhino Linings Gippsland
17 Tanya Hetherington 14/04/1985 176cm Diamond Creek
18 Kendra Heil 12/03/1988 166cm Eastern The Harrison Family
19 Bridie Winbanks 27/09/2000 185cm Blackburn/Oakleigh Chargers
20 Jessica Anwyl 06/09/1992 176cm Eastern Peter and Dianne Kaspar
21 Katherine McFedyen 19/03/1995 169cm Eastern
22 Natalie Macdonald 11/12/1998 164cm Marcellin
23 Lauren Morecroft 04/05/1987 168cm Diamond Creek
25 Rebecca Neaves 20/02/1997 171cm St Kilda Robyn Barnes & Alex Swansson
26 Alexa Madden 12/08/1993 169cm Fitzroy
27 Alex Morcom 22/08/1996 166cm Diamond Creek
28 Carlee Portlock 07/11/1995 176cm St Kilda
29 Chloe Laan 17/05/1986 175cm Eastern
30 Simone Nalder 30/06/1990 186cm Diamond Creek
32 Tait Mackrill 03/09/1999 168cm Diamond Creek Katherine Lio
34 Georgia Punton 01/12/1993 163cm Eastern
35 Valerie Moreau 24/11/1991 155cm Eastern Brad Otley/Purple Bombers
Restaure Action Inc.
36 Jessica Wallace 23/02/1994 164cm Eastern
37 Irena Malliaras 20/01/1994 160cm Caulfield
38 Aysha Ward 10/04/1990 170cm VU Spurs
39 Carla Rendelmann 04/09/2000 180cm Aberfeldie/Calder Cannons
40 Gabby Golds 18/01/1995 166cm Old Xaverians
41 Molly Waburton 10/08/2000 170cm Gisborne/Calder Cannons
42 Kaitlyn Waldie 27/01/1991 175cm Redan
43 Danielle Ponter 08/01/2000 170cm Diamond Creek
44 Maddy Collier 14/09/1995 165cm Diamond Creek
45 Liz Flack 01/01/1993 181cm Diamond Creek Scoberg Family
46 Courtney Ugle 22/07/1996 160cm Diamond Creek Dr June Kane AM
47 Isabella Farchione 08/09/1995 165cm Diamond Creek
49 Erin Bult 04/03/1999 161cm Keilor The Ford Family

1.       Jess Trend

3. Monique DeMatteo

DOB: 1/7/1991

DOB: 24/5/1997


Height: 168cm

Position: Wing

Position: Forward

Club: Eastern Devils

Club: West Preston

A pacey winger who loves winning the inside ball but is equally adept at laying a tag. Part of the leadership group. Recovered from a 2016 ACL injury.

Former basketballer. DeMatteo joins the Bombers after winning the Best & Fairest at NFL club West Preston-Lakeside in 2017.

4. Tash Hardy

5. Steph Hird

DOB: 18/2/1984

DOB: 24/4/1999

Height: 163cm

Height: 172cm

Position: Midfielder

Position: Midfielder

Club: Sunbury

Club: Old Geelong

Vice-captain. Tireless four-quarter performer who will set an example for her young side.

The daughter of Bomber legend James was
one of the first VFLW signings.

6. Alex Quigley 7. Kirby Hicks
  DOB: 2/9/1996   DOB: 6/4/1987
Height: 168cm Height: 177cm
Position: Forward Position: Defender
Team: Sunbury Team: Diamond Creek
The lifelong Bomber fan is a promising young forward who can play tall or small. Selected guernsey number six in tribute to Joe Daniher. Experienced defender from Diamond Creek. The athletic Hicks will be part of the extended leadership group.
8. Hayley Bullas 9. Lisa Williams
  DOB: 23/9/1996   DOB: 27/11/1986
Height: 165cm Height: 175cm
Position: Midfielder Position: Wing
Team: Diamond Creek Team: Diamond Creek
The youngest member of the extended leadership group but with the experience and work-rate that has seen her gravitate
to a midfield position.
Former Western Bulldogs player. Voted the inaugural Essendon captain by her peers, Williams will use her football and leadership
experience to lead her side with distinction.
12. Beth Kearney 13. Michaela Long
  DOB: 4/1/1989   DOB: 26/6/1997
Height: 180cm Height: 170cm
Position: Ruck Position: Forward
Team: Eastern Devils Team: Diamond Creek
Experienced ruck with strong hands
who can also play a key position role at either end of the ground.
The daughter of Bomber legend Michael was one of the first VFLW signings.
14. Jenna Barker 15. Lauren Caruso
  DOB: 15/10/1988   DOB: 19/11/1999
Height: 164cm Height: 161cm
Position: Defender Position: Defender
Team: Seaford Team: Keilor
Tough, attacking defender with an appetite for the scrap and a good football brain. 2017 Vic Metro representative and Calder Cannons player, where she had the double honour of being named captain and winning the Alicia Eva Coach’s Award.
16. Bella Nichols 17. Tanya Hetherington
  DOB: 14/12/1998   DOB: 14/4/1985
Height: 173cm Height: 176cm
Position: Forward Position: Defender
Team: Old Xavierans Team: Diamond Creek
Former Old Carey Grammarians. Nichols can play tall as well as small. GWS player. 2017 VFL Team of the Year player. With her considerable experience as
a player and coach, Hetherington will offer plenty of poise in the Essendon backline.
18. Kendra Heil 19. Bridie Winbanks
  DOB: 12/3/1988   DOB: 27/9/2000
Height: 166cm Height: 185cm
Position: Midfielder Position: Ruck
Team: Eastern Devils Team: Oakleigh Chargers
Former Collingwood player. Canadian-born Heil arrived in Australia in 2013, made her name as a ferocious tackler and is now part of the Essendon leadership group. Recovered from
consecutive ACL injuries.
The youngest member of the VFLW list is a promising ruck who has played TAC Cup for Calder Cannons and Oakleigh Chargers and was selected in the 2018 Vic Metro squad.
20. Jess Anwyl 21. Katherine McFadyen
  DOB: 6/9/1992   DOB: 19/3/1995
Height: 176cm Height: 169cm
Position: Forward Position: Defender
Team: Eastern Devils Team: Eastern Devils
Netball background at Mt Eliza. Strong in the contested ball and an able goal-kicker. Defender who impacts the contest both in one-on-ones and at ground level.
22. Natalie MacDonald 23. Lauren Morecroft
  DOB: 11/12/1998   DOB: 4/5/1987
Height: 164cm Height: 168cm
Position: Midfielder Position: Defender
Team: Marcellin Team: Diamond Creek
Outside midfielder with plenty of run in her game. Former Western Bulldogs player. The playing assistant coach is a strong-bodied ball-winner who will carve out a place in defence as one of the most experienced
25. Bec Neaves 26. Alexa Madden
  DOB: 20/2/1997   DOB: 12/8/1993
Height: 168cm Height: 169cm
Position: Defender Position: Defender
Team: St Kilda Team: Fitzroy
Former Western Bulldogs player. Neaves’ nimble movement, strong hands above her head and willingness to take the game on will make her an asset to the Bombers. Former Box Hill Hawks player who crossed Melbourne to don the sash.
27. Alex Morcom 28. Carlee Portlock
  DOB: 22/8/1996   DOB: 7/11/1995
Height: 166cm Height: 176cm
Position: Defender Position: Forward
Team: Diamond Creek Team: St Kilda
Speed is the lightly built Morcom’s
greatest weapon. Can play as a shut-down or rebounding defender.
Portlock’s eye for the goals is her greatest strength. She will add plenty of spark to the Essendon forward line.
29. Chloe Laan 30. Simone Nalder
  DOB: 17/5/1995   DOB: 30/6/1990
Height: 175cm Height: 186cm
Position: Defender Position: Ruck
Team: Eastern Devils Team: Diamond Creek
Tough defender and committed team player who makes forwards earn every kick. As the tallest Bomber, Nalder will rotate ruck duties while also operating as a key position player.
32. Tait Mackrill 34. Georgia Punton
  DOB: 3/9/1999   DOB: 1/12/1993
Height: 168cm Height: 163cm
Position: Forward Position: Forward
Team: Diamond Creek Team: Eastern Devils
GWS player. The South Australian is blessed with strong mark and a booming kick as well as good game sense. Strong marking target in full back or full forward who can read the flight of the ball. Intelligent player who knows her game well.
35. Valerie Moreau 36. Jess Wallace
  DOB: 24/11/1991   DOB: 23/2/1994
Height: 155cm Height: 164cm
Position: Forward Position: Wing
Team: Eastern Devils Team: Eastern Devils
The Canadian pocket rocket is playing
her second season in Australia after coming out from Quebec. A fearless and pugnacious competitor with savvy goal sense.
Wallace is a winger who combines explosive movements with an ability to run all day.
37. Irena Malliaras 38. Aysha Ward
  DOB: 20/1/1994   DOB: 10/4/1990
Height: 160cm Height: 170cm
Position: Midfielder Position: Forward
Team: Caulfield Team: VU Spurs
Former VAFA player who impressed playing in the practice matches as a midfielder. Twin sister of GWS’ Callan. Smooth mover recruited from Essendon’s office.
39. Carla Rendelmann 40. Gabby Golds
  DOB: 4/9/2000   DOB: 18/1/1995
Height: 180cm Height: 166cm
Position: Ruck Position: Midfielder
Team: Aberfeldie/Ruck Team: Old Xaviernas
The young key position player was selected in the 2018 Vic Metro squad after her good form at Calder Cannons. Gutsy midfielder who uses her pressure to good effect in the forward line.
41. Molly Warburton 42. Kaitlyn Waldie
  DOB: 10/8/2000   DOB: 27/1/1991
Height: 170cm Height: 175cm
Position: Midfielder Position: Wing
Team: Gisborne/Calder Team: Redan
2017 Vic Metro representative and Calder Cannons player. Loves impacting contests and moving away with the ball. Experienced footballer with a tank that will see her push matches out deep into red time.
43. Danielle Ponter 44. Maddy Collier
  DOB: 8/1/2000   DOB: 14/9/1995
Height: 170cm Height: 165cm
Position: Forward Position: Midfielder
Team: Diamond Creek Team: Diamond Creek
Along with cousin Michaela Long, Ponter is one of two Bombers from the Northern Territory. The 18-year old possesses the leap, strong hands and raking kick of the key forward. GWS player. The wiry and highly versatile utility travelled from her native NSW to join AFLW teammates Tanya Hetherington and Tait Mackrill at the Hangar.
45. Liz Flack 46. Courtney Ugle
  DOB: 1/1/1993   DOB: 22/7/1996
Height: 181cm Height: 160cm
Position: Defender Position: Wing
Team: Diamond Creek Team: Diamond Creek
Athletic with a hockey background, Flack will add height to the Bombers’ line-up. One of Essendon’s feel-good stories. The WA-born winger packed her life up to play
football in Victoria and secured a spot on Essendon’s inaugural VFLW list. Good vision and confident with her ball movement.
47. Isabella Farchione 49. Erin Bult
  DOB: 8/9/1995   DOB: 4/3/1999
Height: 165cm Height: 161cm
Position: Midfielder Position: Midfielder
Team: Diamond Creek Team: Keilor
Tenacious inside midfielder renowned for defying her size when attacking the contests. Finely skilled rover with quick hands in the clinches.