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Chapman ready to pounce on 2015

Veteran Paul Chapman is yet to decide whether he will play on after the 2015 season.

11:38am  Dec 18, 2014

Hocking to undergo surgery

Key midfielder Heath Hocking will tomorrow undergo surgery to fix an ongoing groin problem.

10:31am  Dec 18, 2014

Bully Zero Australia Foundation launches national hotline

Essendon Football Club was proud to join its community partner Bully Zero Australia Foundation to launch its new national hotline 1800 0BULLY.

8:17am  Dec 18, 2014

Team Cobra take the spoils

Team Cobra took the lead over Team Mongoose in the intra-club challenge this morning following a series of tough challenges.

6:47pm  Dec 17, 2014

Dons Challenge

It was one of the most grueling tests of the pre-season, as the boys went head to head in the intra-club performance challenge.

6:15pm  Dec 17, 2014

Bomber TV

BTV: Crichton Countdown - Michael Hibberd

BTV: Crichton Countdown - Michael Hibberd

September 9, 2013  11:06 AM