Embracing India

Essendon FC is working in close partnership with Melbourne’s vibrant and growing Indian community to provide opportunities to engage with Australian Football and enjoy all the excitement and camaraderie of supporting the Bombers.

The club is focusing particularly on the north-west region of Melbourne - Essendon’s heartland - and is buoyed by the healthy migration trends and Indian population growth within this area.


Multicultural Schools Program

The Multicultural Schools Program is a six-week program delivered to schools with a high multicultural student population. 

The program comprises of students being taught basic footy skills but also learning some valuable life skills along the way that are tied into the sessions.

The program aims to assist children from migrant and refugee communities in accessing Australian Football as a player, fan or umpire.

GloBALL Program

Coordinated by Essendon FC, GLoBALL enables international students and new migrants to interact with the broader Victorian community through Australian Football-related activities. 

It also promotes a sense of belonging and social inclusion, celebrating diversity for newly arrived migrants and students.

GLoBALL provides opportunities for international students and new migrants to interact with Essendon members, staff, players and AFL Multicultural ambassadors.

Founding supporters of GLoBALL are RMIT University, The City of Melbourne and the Australian Federation of International Students.

Through the course of the program, more than 15,000 international students, new migrants and multicultural community participants from across Victoria were reached through various Australian Football initiatives.


For further information regarding the Essendon Football Club Multicultural Program, please contact Sudip Chakraborty on (03) 8340 2142 or via email at schakraborty@essendonfc.com.au.

Unity Cup

Founded in 2008 by Essendon FC and the Australian Federal Police, the Unity Cup focuses on strengthening ties between police, muslim and other culturally and linguistically diverse communities (CALD) through a mutual appreciation of Australian Football. 

After six years, the Unity Cup continues to foster a mutual understanding and respect, highlighting the positive interaction between the Australian Federal Police and CALD communities, with Essendon FC proud to be a founding partner of the Unity Cup.