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Essendon Football Club Events Code of Conduct

The Essendon Football Club has adopted the following Code of Conduct for the benefit of all guests at our events.

By attending an Essendon Football event, you agree to bound by this Code of Conduct.

If you fail to comply with this Code of Conduct, the Club and/or the venue operator may require you to leave the venue.

Consistent with the values of the Essendon Football Club, all event attendees are required to:

1. Conduct themselves in ways that do not interrupt the enjoyment of the function for others, are lawful and respectful to all, and do not damage (or have the potential to damage) the reputation of the Club, its members or supporters

2. Refrain from:

a.   Engaging in any form of threatening conduct, or vilification or abuse on the basis of race, gender, religion, disability or sexuality;

b. Any acts of violence, disruptive behaviour or use of offensive or abusive language or gestures.

3. Comply with the rules and requirements of the venue operator and event organisers;

4. Comply with the reasonable or lawful directions of the venue operators, event organisers and EFC personnel.

In accordance with liquor licensing requirements, if you shows signs of intoxication you may be refused service of alcohol and/or required to leave the venue.

If you are required to leave the function or venue under this Code of Conduct, you will not be entitled to any refund or compensation.