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About Us

Born out of a shared passion for the Essendon Football Club and a desire to proactively be a part of its future success, the Van Diemen Dons is a Tasmanian based group offering members a unique opportunity to engage with the Club and each other 

Our membership is diverse and eclectic, with our passion for the Essendon Football Club being the fabric that binds us together. We come from all walks of life, all ages, and  stages with diverse backgrounds but we all have one goal. To Support, Promote and Enjoy the Essendon Football Club


What We Do 

The past few years have shown us how important our support is to the Essendon Football Club. When they needed it most, the EFC fans did not let them down.  Many refer to it as the Essendon Family. They do so with pride, with passion and with prejudice. 

It is no accident that when we asked ourselves “What is it we do?”, the word that instantly came to mind was support. 

Player sponsorship will form a large part of this support. Whatever level of membership you choose, part of your contribution will go towards this sponsorship.

Throughout the year we will conduct fundraising events such as auctions of club merchandise, experiences and memorabilia. Our aim is to provide our members with the opportunity to purchase sought after items at great prices. Some profits from these events will be returned to the Club.

The Van Diemen Dons will make a financial contribution to the club each year. This will be determined by members at the AGM. 

We all love footy and support the concept of more games in Tasmania. Our long term goal is to see the Essendon Football Club play a game in Tasmania. Our immediate goal is to raise the profile of the Club in Tasmania to a level where this becomes not just possible, but probable.  

We will do this by staging events which are well planned, promoted and attended with an aim to draw maximum media attention.

Our communications strategy has a large social media focus with a strong presence on both Facebook and Twitter.

As an interstate supporter it is much more difficult to engage and feel engaged with the Club and other supporters. More importantly, its difficult to feel a part of something that happens, for the most part, so far away.  

We understand the importance of engagement and will endeavour to build networks and camaraderie through social functions With this in mind we aim to bring our supporters together for events throughout the year.  

Our Game Day events will enable members to relax and enjoy the game in the company of other passionate Essendon supporters. These will be relaxed, informal events where members can catch up over a meal and then enjoy the game together.

We also aim to hold family friendly events as part of the drive to engage with the younger generation. While the details of this have not yet been finalised it is envisaged that this could include a skills clinic hosted by Essendon Football Club followed by an informal get together. 

Our main fundraising event will be the highlight of our social year. This will be held in conjunction with the Club and include guest speakers, auction items and fine Tasmanian food and wine.


Membership starts from as little as $50. For more information click here.

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