Fresh off his red-hot start to the season, 'Two-Litre' Peter Wright joins Darcy Parish and Andy McGrath in episode three of Rish & Rath.

The generous big man comes bearing gifts and continues to deliver throughout the show, sharing his impressive talents in the kitchen.

02:25 Mins
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Rish & Rath | Could Wright be a MasterChef?

Rish & Rath discover Peter Wright's impressive cooking ability. Listen to the Rish & Rath podcast on Spotify, Apple Podcasts and Google Podcasts.

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The boys discuss their favourite nicknames at the club and senior coach Ben Rutten's tendency to butcher them, while also questioning assistant coach Blake Caracella's new-found serious side.

A new segment challenges the boys to solve an important daily dilemma, while a few more home truths on teammates are revealed.

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