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Pre-game changes announced

The AFL has changed its pre-game warm-up policies for 2018.
The AFL has changed its pre-game warm-up policies for 2018.

Clubs will list four emergencies each week this season when submitting their team line-ups, allowing for more options in their group of reserve players. 

In another change under the AFL's new football operations manager Steve Hocking, the League has outlined to clubs they will need to list four emergencies – up from three – for every game. 

An AFL spokesperson confirmed the introduction of the extra player means clubs should not have to pick a player from outside the named group of emergencies, which had happened at times in the past when there was a limit of three emergencies. 

The League sent a memo to clubs last month detailing the change, plus other rule tweaks for the season.

Included was the abolition of the pre-game warm-up. Aside from just prior to the first bounce, clubs will no longer be able to warm up as a team on the ground before a game.

It is in a bid for the League to host more curtain raisers and pre-game activities at venues.

The change will impact clubs differently, with each team having slightly different pre-game preparations in previous seasons.

Some had chosen to have a lengthy warm-up well before the game, while other teams, like Essendon, had done theirs closer to the bounce then returned to the rooms briefly before coming out to start the game.