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EFCPP&OA Membership

To be eligible to be a member of the EFCPP&OA the individual must have complied with one of the subsections of clause 3 of the Constitution of the Association, summarized as follows:

To be eligible for membership of the EFCPP&OA, the following criteria applies:   

The following persons are eligible to become members of the EFCPP&OA:

Full Membership

(i)   All past players who have played one or more senior games with EFC; or           

(ii)  Players who have played a minimum of 20 games with the EFC’s Reserve Grade in the VFL/AFL competitions.

(iii)  All former Senior Office Bearers of the EFC.

Definition of Senior Office Bearers:

(a)        Members of the Board of Management of the EFC who have served a minimum of 6 years (2 terms).

(b)       Secretaries/General Managers/Chief Executive Officers of the EFC.

(c)       Senior Coaches of the EFC.

(iv)  Trainers/Medical/Para-Medical and Football Support Staff of the EFC Senior Club with at least 10 years of appointed service.

(v)   EFC Life Member (including Reserve Grade Life Members) who do not qualify under any of the above positions.

(vi)   Members of the EFC Social Committee and members of other Coterie groups with at least 10 years service as Committee members of their various groups.

Pensioner Membership

Pensioner membership applies to any member who is on any of the following pensions;

(i)     Old Age Pension;

(ii)    Disability Pension;

(iii)   War Veterans Pension; or

(iv)   Carer’s Pension.

The cost of a Pensioner Membership will be 50% of the cost of a full membership.

Life Membership

To be considered for Life Membership of the EFCPP&OA, a member must comply as follows:

Been a member of the Committee of the Association for a minimum of 10 years and has been nominated by the Committee.

Any member of the Association whom the Committee considers has given outstanding service to the Association, other than a member of the Committee. Any recommendation in this category to be restricted to two in any given year.

All nominations for Life Membership are to be presented to members for approval at the AGM.

Life Members are exempt from paying annual membership fees following the granting of life Membership.

Honorary Membership

Any member of the Association reaching the age of 80 years will be automatically granted Honorary Membership of the Association and will not be required to pay membership fees from that time.

Associate Membership

At the AGM in March 2018, the Members approved the formation of Associate membership, which includes any Reserve Grade player who played less than 20 VFL or equivalent  games with the EFC and any player who played U19 Grade football with the club. For further information, please contact the Treasurer, Don Gross on

If you are aware of anyone who may qualify under these rules but is not a Member of the Association, please refer them to Don Gross.

The Membership Structure, as applying from the 1st January 2018, is as follows:

Full Membership

Pensioner Membership

Honorary Membership-for one year following a players retirement/de-listing.

Complimentary Membership-for those 80 years of age plus

Life Membership

Associate Membership

Costs involved for each category to be as follows:

Full Membership                     $30 per year

Pensioner Membership            $15 per year.

Honorary Membership            No charge

Complimentary Membership   No charge

Life Membership                     No charge

Associate Membership            $15 per year   


  • In respect to Full Membership, we offer a discounted rate of $135 for 5 years.