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February 10, 2016 4:53 PM

BTV: Development Update Part 1 - February 10, 2016. Head of Player Development Matthew Egan talks about the development of the Bombers first year draftees.
Morgan is in full training after overcoming injury.

Morgan is in full training after overcoming injury.

The Bombers may have found two future leaders in the second round of last November’s National Draft.

With the 29th and 30th picks in last year’s draft, Essendon picked up Alex Morgan from the Oakleigh Chargers and South Australian Mason Redman. 

The pair are among a host of young players working under the tutelage of the Club’s Head of Player Development Matthew Egan. 

Morgan was eased into the pre-season because of hamstring troubles, but is now joining in full training and his leadership qualities are shining through.

“He’s in the midfield group at this stage, we thought with his high speed and work-rate that he can produce – it fits really well in to our midfield group,” Egan said. 

“He’s playing a lot of the wing role at the moment.  

“We eased him in to the pre-season – he had some hamstring trouble at the end of last year, but he’s pretty much full-load now. 

“He’s a really nice user of the ball. 

“He’s a pretty confident kid out on the track so I really like his voice and direction which is great for a young player.”

Redman has shown similar qualities despite experiencing a knee problem.

Standing 187 centimetres, he possesses the versatility that Egan expects will make him a key part of the Club’s future.

“He’s a really confident kid,” Egan said.

“He gives a lot of leadership for the development group.  He’s happy to speak his mind, which is great for a young ‘fella’.

“He’s had some patella tendonitis trouble so we’ve pulled his program right back.

“It’ll be a six week progression with his rehab.

“He’s a really important player for our future.  He’s going to be a high work-rate, lead-up, presenting forward – and probably work back and midfield as he develops.

“We want him to ease in to it to make sure he doesn’t have this knee trouble for the rest of his career.

“The way he is, he’ll work pretty hard to get fit.”