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VFL: Stevens Family Most Valuable Staff Member

Volunteer Wayne Wunhym has been awarded the Stevens Family Most Valuable Staff Member Award at Essendon VFL’s Best and Fairest count.

The VFL Property Manager has worked at the Club as a volunteer since 2013 and for the last two years has been the VFL Head of Property.

“If he doesn’t turn up on game day, then it’s tough to actually get a team out onto the field,” VFL Operations Manager, Ash Brown said.

“Without Wayne, game day would not run.

“He is someone that all clubs are built around, he is a volunteer that dedicates a lot of time for the benefit of others.

“He’s selfless, organised, and you know that you can always rely on him being there.”

On match day Wunhym arrives at the ground four hours before the first bounce and sets up all of the players gear, hydration stations, massage tables and warm up gear.

Wunhym is then the last to leave at the conclusion of the game and is admired for the friendly manner in which he performs his duties.