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The 6th to 4th 'Hangars'

BTV: Top 10 'Hangars' | #6-4 Counting down EFC's greatest 'hangars'. Here are the 6th to 4th entries.

To celebrate the unveiling of The Hangar, Essendon Football Club has been counting down the 10 best ‘hangars’ ever taken in the red and black.

Derek Kickett took out sixth position in the countdown with a cracking grab against Geelong, taking the ball mid-air in a near impossible horizontal position.

For our fifth best ‘hangar’ we journeyed back to 1982 when ruckman and club legend Simon Madden soared over a huge pack to clunk an unforgettable mark against Fitzroy. The red shorts may never have been higher than on that occasion.

This year’s mark of the year simply could not be left out. When James Stewart kicked the ball into the forward pocket you knew Joe Daniher was setting himself up for a big fly.

With one big leap he climbed well above former Bomber Jake Carlisle to take a brilliant ‘hangar’, claiming the fourth spot on the countdown.

We are now down to our final three, so make sure you don’t miss re-living the best ‘hangars’ in Essendon’s history.