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Dylan Shiel is a #MightyBomber

4:42pm  Oct 18, 2018

BTV: Dylan called. We answered.

2:16pm  Oct 18, 2018

BTV: Shiel lands at The Hangar

1:40pm  Oct 18, 2018

The Best of Dylan Shiel

12:33pm  Oct 18, 2018

Walla's got SOL

Basil  Zoccali  February 7, 2018 11:53 AM

BTV: Music Sounds Better with Walla We spent some time with young-gun Anthony McDonald-Tipungwuti to get to know his taste in music.

Sol Republic is the Club’s inaugural Official Headphone Partner after announcing a partnership in October last year.

Their motto is, ‘We believe music has the power to touch you, move you and inspire you. We believe a good song can help you be happier, run faster, think clearer, and love better.’

With the release of "Music Sounds Better with Walla" and thanks to Sol Repblic, all Bomber fans will receive this month 20% off and free shipping (valid until 28-Feb). 

Use the coupon code WALLA20 at