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2018 Clash Guernsey

Essendon and ISC are excited to unveil the new 2018 clash guernsey to be worn in the upcoming AFLX games and in the 2018 season.

The Bombers 2018 clash guernsey is a fresh update on previous years, with a new brighter red used throughout the body, and a subtle fade of black from the sash.

The monogram switches to black on the rear of the guernsey, and the premiership and champion elements have been removed.

The Club will now celebrate the next champion of Essendon with a specially designed heritage guernsey to be revealed later in the year.

The jumper will be worn for the first time in next week’s AFLX competition, and again in Round 2 against Fremantle..

It will subsequently be worn in rounds 14 (West Coast) and 22 (Richmond).

The new clash guernsey is now available in store at the Bomber Shop HQ and online.