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Members rally

Basil Zoccali  January 12, 2016 8:00 PM

BTV: Chairman and CEO Media Conference Part 1 - January 12, 20 Lindsay Tanner and Xavier Campbell speak to the media after the CAS decision.

In an incredible show of support, Essendon fans have committed to the Club for the 2016 season.

More than 500 fans signed up for memberships in a time where the team needs their support the most.

“The support, the unity and the commitment that has been displayed by the wider Essendon community over those three years has been extraordinary,” Tanner said.

“I think many other Clubs would have fallen apart in disarray, in disunity.”

Tanner said the Club was disappointed by the decision handed down by the Court of Arbitration for Sport this morning, but urged fans to continue to stick by the team.

“We are a proud and competitive Club with 142 year history. We can’t undo the past, only learn from it,” he said.

“We are now entering one of the most challenging periods in our history. I know this Club with its loyal and passionate members, is strong enough to get through this.

“I ask each of you to continue stick by us.

“The players now need your support, our support, more than ever.

“We will face great challenges in the months to come, but we will get through this.”


When asked why he believes that fans should sign up and become members in 2016, Tanner spoke passionately of his own lifelong commitment to the team.

“I’ve been an Essendon supporter since I was about six years old,” he said.

“As far as I’m concerned, this football club has given me some of the most joyful moments in my life.

“One of the reasons I was happy to take on this role and happy to be on the board is that I feel like I want to contribute something back and when that matters, and it matters now more than ever before, the same logic applies to the members of the Club.”

Essendon was further buoyed by the good news that co-major partners Kia Motors and Fujitsu General would honour their commitment.

While much of the wider AFL community may have already written off Essendon’s season, the Chairman said the season isn’t a write-off.

“I think it’s a mistake to assume that this will wipe out Essendon’s competitive position on the field in 2016,” he said.

“It’ll make it harder, but you always find that players surprise you, players rise to the opportunity when they’re given the chance.

“I have every expectation that will occur again.” 

Show your support and 'Don The Sash' in 2016 by signing up to become an Essendon member.