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Board Report

BTV: Message from the Chairman - January 20, 2016 Chairman Lindsay Tanner spoke to BomberTV to give an update on today's special board meeting.

The Essendon Board has held a special meeting at the True Value Solar Centre today to address a number of important issues stemming from the CAS decision.

Chairman, Lindsay Tanner, has shared an insight into the round table discussion and reaffirmed player welfare remains the Club’s top priority.

“As a Club we felt we needed to get together and respond to the challenges that have been put to us,” Tanner said.

“Most importantly we have to ensure our twelve suspended players are back up and running and firing at the end of the year.

“We’re firmly focused on maximising our performance in 2016 and building a great platform for future seasons.”

Tanner also confirmed the Bombers’ bottom line was high on the agenda. He’s assured members and supporters the Club is taking proactive measures to limit any accumulation of debt.

“We are dealing with the financial challenges we are facing as a result of the (CAS) decision and issues that flow from that.

“Everybody at the Club is working very hard and pursuing those objectives.”