Next Generation Academy background

The Next Generation Academies (NGAs) are a joint initiative between the AFL and AFL clubs aimed at the attraction, retention and development of all talented players (both male and female), while growing participation in the under-represented segments of our community.

A key objective of Essendon's NGA is to increase the talent pool of Indigenous and multicultural players. These groups are significantly under-represented in the AFL comparative to the population, and therefore AFL clubs are incentivised through draft concessions for their role in growing this talent pool. However, the primary function of the NGAs is to provide a club-based talent program to all kids, using the AFL clubs' profile and expertise to raise awareness and interest in the programs.

Essendon's NGA regions

Essendon's NGA regions include north-west metro Melbourne and the remote zones of West Arnhem and Tiwi in the Northern Territory.

Click here to view a map and postcodes of Essendon's NGA regions.

Each AFL club has dedicated regions to conduct its Next Generation programs, which include Australian Football clinics and skills sessions, leadership programs, fitness testing, training programs and education sessions.

Getting involved

To get involved in Essendon's NGA, find out more below and contact the club's Metro Pathways and Academies Manager Shane Abdilla at