Essendon FC partners with a number of key community-based organisations that share similar values. 

Supporting and influencing change is a responsibility that the club takes seriously. 

The Long Walk

Established in 2007, The Long Walk charity raises awareness to improve and support Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander health, wellbeing and life opportunities.

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Essendon FC and Challenge join forces annually, bringing awareness around the issues faced by children living with cancer, and their families.

Each year, a specific game is dedicated to the cause, where the Bombers’ guernseys feature a yellow armband and the Challenge logo.

Challenge is a not-for-profit organisation that provides daily support for children and families living with cancer or a life-threatening blood disorder from the time of diagnosis, through treatment and beyond.

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Boots For All

Boots For All is a not-for-profit organisation, which collects quality, second-hand and new sports equipment for redistribution to disadvantaged teams across Australia.

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Bully Zero Australia Foundation

The mission of the Bully Zero Australia Foundation is to provide genuine and enduring care for bullying victims and their families. 

The foundation exists to identify and empower bullying victims, supporting and standing side by side with them, their families and friends in taking action and creating permanent positive change.

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Deadly Choices

Deadly Choices aims to empower Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples to make healthy choices for themselves and their families – to stop smoking, to eat good food and exercise daily. 

Deadly Choices also encourages its people to access their local Community Controlled Health Service and complete an annual health check. 

In Aboriginal slang, if something is ‘deadly’, it is great, so Deadly Choices encourages communities to make such choices each day. 

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Essendon FC, in partnership with AFL Victoria and SEDA, offers Year 11 and 12 students the opportunity to complete their full-time education within sport, recreation and community settings.

Industry - Direct access to the industry through SEDA's partnership with Essendon FC and AFL Victoria. 

Education - Study VCAL and nationally recognised VET qualifications. 

Hands-on learning - Study in applied learning environments and learn from industry experts.

Pathways - Build self-confidence and key life skills while creating pathways for further study or employment. 

At the completion of the SEDA program, students are guaranteed entry into a variety of courses at Victoria University.

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