In a new series, third-year ruckman Nick Bryan is the first Bomber to tell us about his typical day at the club and what he does away from it.

Nick, take us through what you do before you travel into the NEC Hangar for a training session.

I wake up, have a shower and make myself some scrambled eggs on toast with some avocado. I’ll head into the club, have a banana in the car, listen to songs or podcasts. The podcasts are random ones like crime ones, which Harry Jones got me on to.

What time do you get to the NEC Hangar for a training day?

I’ll try to get here about 45 minutes before the main meeting so I can get my ankle strapped, get something to eat if I’m still hungry, rehydrate and relax into the morning to get ready for a big session.

What’s your pre-training routine?

Immediately after the meeting, I’ll go into the gym and complete warm-up exercises before I head out on to the track for the main session.

What’s the thing you look forward to about pre-season?

Not the time trial haha. I think it’s when all the older boys come back and it’s our first week back together, because everyone’s been away, they have stories to tell and it’s good to see everyone’s face again as we get stuck into it.

What’s an area you’re trying to improve this pre-season?

Definitely my strength in the gym and hopefully that can translate into my craft out on the track with marking and ruck craft.

Nick Bryan during a recent training session. (Photo: AFL Photos)

Which training drill is your favourite to do?

I’d say when the rucks get pulled aside to work on a bit of craft.

Other than yourself, which teammate has hit the ground running this pre-season?

I think someone who’s hit the ground this pre-season would be Sam Durham. He’s put on a lot of size and is looking in good nick. He’s running very well, too, and I think he’s in for a big year.

What’s an essential item in your training kit? 

For me it’s my mouthguard. Mum would kill me if I didn’t wear it.

What’s your go-to post-training recovery feed?

Whatever’s on offer really. What I’m eating right now (chicken burger) is great.

What do you usually do when you get home from a training day?

I’ll usually eat as soon as I get home and then I’ll nap as well. I’ll just relax and hydrate well.

How are you spending your days off?

I’m trying to get into golf at the moment and if I’ve got to study for my Bachelor of Business, I’ll do that as well. I like to take my mind off footy and see mates and play basketball in the backyard against my brothers too.

What are some of your favourite hobbies?

I love playing golf, going to the beach and playing basketball.