Young midfielder Jye Caldwell answers a series of short questions.

Favourite non-AFL sporting team: Bendigo Pioneers

Do you go to AFL games when your team is not playing? No

Should the centre bounce be retained? Yes

My non-football wish for 2022 is: Get smarter

Scariest non-football moment: Bushfires

Who rules the roost in your household? Me

Your favourite or most influential junior coach: Dad

Where did you go to Auskick? Golden Square

What was the common theme of your school report card: -

Did you have a part-time job while still at school? No

Best storyteller at your club: Tom Cutler

Best social outing organiser at your club: Sam Draper

Which teammate should run for political office in the future? Tom Cutler

Rate your cooking skills from 1-5: 5

Best dish: Steak and veggies

Worst cooking disaster: Smashed plates

Golf or tennis – or neither: Neither

Have you ever used ‘Dr Google’ to diagnose an injury or illness? Many times

Can you keep a secret? Depends

Your idea of a perfect day: Hot summer day, beers and swimming

Something you are proud of: How good my ute looks

Your biggest fear: Crashing my ute

The biggest compliment you have ever received: You’ve put on size

If you could play an instrument, what would it be? Guitar

What TV series are you binge-watching? Ozark

Best movie of all time: Prisoners