Eleven AFL-listed players suited up for the VFL Bombers in Sunday's round three clash with Frankston at the NEC Hangar.

AFL development coach Leigh Tudor gives his take on how each of them performed in the 30-point loss.

Cody Brand

Key stats: 11 disposals, three marks, one tackle

"He was competitive again in the air, but it was a strange game for our backs because Frankston played pretty small and moved us around a bit with their ball movement. 'Brandy' has been practising his intercept marking and coming off his direct opponent, but didn't get a lot of opportunities to do that this week. He had to play on a guy who was a fair bit smaller on him, so it was good for him to learn how to play on different players. He hurt himself late in the third quarter but carried on and has pulled up OK."

Nick Bryan

Key stats: 15 disposals, 40 hitouts, five marks, five clearances, four tackles

"Nick did a really good job. He was crook all week and didn't train. You could see that he lacked energy, but he didn't lack effort, so I was really proud of the way he fought through. He won his ruck contests, had a lot of hitouts and battled through."


Josh Eyre

Key stats: Nine disposals, one goal, two marks

"Eyre was a bit quieter this week. He ran some good patterns and did some good team things, but didn't get a lot of the ball. Our ball movement didn't really help our forwards, but he's had a pretty good start to the year and is getting better."

Aaron Francis

Key stats: Three goals, 12 disposals, six marks

"He kicked three and competed really well. It was a really windy day and sometimes he was caught out of position too deep as a forward, but overall it was just great to see him back. He felt good."

Tom Hird

Key stats: 16 disposals, four marks, four tackles

"'Hirdy' had to a play a little bit of wing and a little bit of midfield, so it was good to see him in different positions. It was a tough day for our mids, we got beaten on the inside, so he did a lot of defending and chasing."

Tom Hird. (Photo: Nathan Whytcross)

Alastair Lord

Key stats: One goal, nine disposals

"'Lordy' was good. He's learning to play our brand of football. A couple of times his man beat him out the back, and then he reacted and learnt from that, so the next time he was in that situation, he made sure he didn't let his man get out the back. He's a quick learner and kicked a beautiful running goal from outside 50. He's showing some good signs."

Cian McBride

Key stats: 11 disposals, five marks, 10 hitouts

"Cian had a great game. He was one of our best players. He defended, he beat his man one-on-one, he came off to help the other defenders when they were in trouble, and made good decisions when he had the ball. He went from centre half-back to ruck when we had to give Nick Bryan a rest, and had a real hot crack. He's had a fantastic start to the year."

Garrett McDonagh

Key stats: 21 disposals, five marks, two inside 50s

"It was probably Garrett's best game for us. He's learning our defensive systems and has been really aggressive off half-back. When the opposition had the ball, he was right up on his man and didn't give him anything, and when he had the opportunity to attack and use the ball, he did that. He had a great balance between attack and defence."

Garrett McDonagh played his best VFL game for the club. (Photo: Nathan Whytcross)

Anthony McDonald-Tipungwuti

Key stats: One goal, 17 disposals, eight marks, four tackles

"His decision-making and skill execution is unbelievable. He got through the game well and was running better in his second game back. When he's involved in the play, something really good generally happens. He played a bit of midfield as well, so he's getting his running numbers up. It was a good result for him."


Zach Reid

Key stats: 8 disposals, two marks, two tackles

"We were a tall side this week, so he was another one who had to play on a small to medium-type player. His big strength is beating his direct opponent, coming off (him) and helping in the air. The way Frankston played, he didn't get the opportunity to do that much. He got through about 70 per cent of game-time, so he's increasing his minutes, he's pain-free and getting more confident each week."

Patrick Voss

Key stats: Three goals, 11 disposals, five marks, four tackles

"'Vossy' is a real competitor. There were times where the team looked a bit flat. He's a bit of an indicator for how we're going, so halfway through the third quarter, we sent out the message for him to fire us up and get some excitement in the game. He kicked the next two and set up another goal, so it was really pleasing that he reacted to the message. What I like about him is that he's a team player, and if he keeps competing the way he does, he'll keep giving himself every chance (to play at AFL level)."

Patrick Voss celebrates one of his three goals. (Photo: Nathan Whytcross)