Ten AFL-listed players featured for the VFL Bombers in their 13-point loss to Footscray at Whitten Oval on Sunday.

AFL development coach Leigh Tudor reviews each of their performances.


Cody Brand

Key stats: Eight disposals, four tackles, two marks

"'Brandy' battled on all day. He got a knock early unsettled him a bit, but he pushed through well. He worked well in the air with Brandon Zerk-Thatcher and Cian McBride as our deepest defenders. He got caught out a couple of times on the lead, but set up well most of the time. Overall, not a bad game from Cody."

Nick Bryan

Key stats: One goal, 14 disposals, 30 hitouts, four marks, three tackles, five inside 50s

"It may have been his best game of the year. He positioned himself really well to get in some aerial contests, which is an area he's been working on. He won or halved a lot of contests, didn't get beaten in the air, and kicked a really nice goal on the run. His ruckwork was very good again, but he was a lot better for us around the ground this week."

Josh Eyre

Key stats: One goal, eight disposals, two marks

"'Eyrey' competed in a lot of aerial contests and got himself in good positions. With better ball use (inside 50), he could have got on the end of a couple. He's working really hard but not getting a lot of reward for his effort, but the way he's training and presenting in games, I don't think it (reward) is far off for him."

Josh Eyre lines up for goal against the Bulldogs. (Photo: Nathan Whytcross)

Brayden Ham

Key stats: One goal, 21 disposals, 11 marks, five inside 50s, three tackles

"He was probably best on ground in the first half. He had about nine marks, and his ability to run good patterns, support our attack and win his own ball were really impressive. He worked really hard for the team."

Nick Hind

Key stats: 23 disposals, five marks, three tackles

"It was great to see 'Hindy' come back and gain some confidence. His setups, organisation, communication and leadership were so valuable for our young backline. He really helped Garrett McDonagh and Alastair Lord, so it was great to have some experience down there. He was really aggressive, won a lot of the ball and used it well. He was clearly best on ground until his time was up - he was only allowed to play a half."

Nick Hind starred against the Dogs. (Photo: Nathan Whytcross)

Tom Hird

Key stats: One goal, 18 disposals, four marks, two tackles

"It took him a little bit to get into it this week, but his running patterns were really good. He's been working on fall-of-the-ball stuff. At times he drove his legs and looked really good in close, and at other times he was caught. The way he moved to play the way we wanted him to as a small forward was really good. He kicked a really nice goal and worked right until the end, but was a little bit down compared to previous weeks."

Alastair Lord

Key stats: Eight disposals, five tackles, two marks

"'Lordy' has been practising getting to more contests in attack and defence. I thought he did that very well. It was his best tackling game. He made some really good decisions to blitz the ball carrier and it really worked for him, so it was a step forward for him. Having Nick Hind down there to help with positioning and guidance really worked for him."

Alastair Lord in action against Footscray. (Photo: Nathan Whytcross)

Cian McBride

Key stats: 10 disposals, five marks

"Defensively, Cian was good again. He didn't get much of the ball, but I'd say he beat his man on the day."

Garrett McDonagh

Key stats: One goal, 22 disposals, seven marks, three tackles

"Garrett was good this week. He made a couple of blues early on with his kicking, but when he started taking the easy option, it really worked for him and he set us up in attack many times. Defensively he was a lot better for us this week and all over his opponent."

Brandon Zerk-Thatcher

Key stats: 12 disposals, nine marks

"He played on Jamarra Ugle-Hagan for most of the day, and I think he only took two marks on him, so it was a pretty good defensive game. He's just so good in the contests and gives you 100 per cent all the time. The boys really love playing with him because he's so aggressive and plays for the team, which is something we really like about him."