Eleven AFL-listed Bombers suited up in Saturday's 33-point VFL loss to Richmond at the MCG.

AFL development coach Cam Roberts reviews each of their performances below.


Kaine Baldwin

Key stats: Four disposals, two marks, one tackle

"'Balders' played as one of our key forwards. We didn't get a lot of opportunities up forward because our ball movement fell short at different stages, particularly early in the game. It was pleasing to see he still worked his way into the game. We saw some strong contested marks in the second half, which is becoming the staple of his game."

Cody Brand

Key stats: 24 disposals, nine marks, two tackles

"'Brandy' won his most possessions in a game to date. He found himself joining in our attacks more, which was pleasing to see. He's more of a dour defender, but he took some marks and was able to set up our attack. The last couple of weeks he's defended well, so overall it was a pretty solid game."

Josh Eyre

Key stats: Seven disposals, five marks, two tackles

"Eyrey' continues to work on his marking craft and aerial presence. His work-rate was high again and that resulted in some really nice marks, which was pleasing to see. He didn't kick a goal this week but had some shots he should have converted. From a marking standpoint, it was a step forward for him."

Brayden Ham

Key stats: One goal, 20 disposals, seven marks, three tackles

"'Hammy' was on restricted game time, about 75 per cent, but he was still able to find the footy for us. He runs really good corridor patterns and is a connector between defence and attack. He should have had two or three goals, but missed one and didn't get used on another. It wasn't a dominant performance from Hammy, but he was a strong contributor."

Harry Jones lines up for goal. (Photo: Nathan Whytcross)

Tom Hird

Key stats: 14 disposals, five marks, three tackles

"'Hirdy' was a little bit quieter this week. He can hang his hat on giving really good work-rate, which we saw again this week. He played as a high half-forward and has typically been good at getting to the fall of the ball near some of those bigs (key forwards), but this week he was probably playing too high at times, so those opportunities didn't present themselves. He wasn't as dangerous, but his work-rate kept him involved."

Harrison Jones

Key stats: One goal, 12 disposals, two marks

"It was Harry's first game back after that stint with his ankle injury. It was pleasing to see him out on the ground being able to play a full game and get through. It was also good to see him compete for those aerial balls and meet the ball at its highest point, which is something he's known for. He kicked a goal and should have kicked another, so it was pleasing to see him have some influence on the scoreboard."

Harry Jones lines up for goal. (Photo: Nathan Whytcross)

Alastair Lord

Key stats: Seven disposals, one mark

"'Lordy' had a quiet game in terms of possessions, but he showed good signs of being able to defend his opponent on the lead. He's got that pace that he can use to his advantage, and when he does that, he's quite difficult to play against. The next step for him is doing that more consistently and turning that defensive stuff into attack. He was quiet but we're seeing snippets of him improving every week, and hopefully in the second half of the season he can piece more of those snippets together to round out a nice game."

Cian McBride

Key stats: 20 disposals, 11 marks, four tackles, nine hitouts

"Cian was a really good contributor for us. He took nice marks in defence and when Andrew Phillips wasn't in the ruck, he helped out there and did really well. He took 11 marks, which is probably his best output in that regard, and just the fact he was impacting some of those contests was really pleasing. It was up there with one of his best games."

Garrett McDonagh

Key stats: 20 disposals, four marks, three tackles

"'Gaz' won plenty of the ball and his decisions by foot were mainly strong, which is something he's been working on. To complement the attacking side of his game, there are some things he needs to tweak defensively. He had some moments where he defended really strongly, but also other moments where he needed to defend longer. That's his focus for the next month, but we're really confident he'll get there."

Garrett McDonagh celebrates his goal. (Photo: Nathan Whytcross)

Andrew Phillips

Key stats: One goal, 14 disposals, five marks, 23 hitouts, four clearances

"'Flip' was arguably our best player. He dominated in the ruck and our mids probably didn't capitalise on his dominance early in the game. He took marks around the ground for us, helped us defend, and was a connector going forward. It was a pretty complete game from him, and he's certainly put his name up for AFL selection."

Brandon Zerk-Thatcher

Key stats: 18 disposals, nine marks, three tackles

"'Zerk' was excellent. Along with 'Flip' (Phillips), he was probably our most influential player. He defended really well, set up nicely, took intercept marks and then set us up in attack. It was a complete game from him. He's been in good form every time he's played VFL, and he's a leader down there."