VFL Senior Coach Leigh Tudor takes us through each player's performance.


Rhett Montgomerie

21 disposals, 17 kicks, 12 marks

"Rhett worked hard to come off his opponent and intercept in the air."

Will Snelling

19 disposals, 10 tackles, two marks

"Will worked hard all game as a forward with a couple of stints in the midfield after half time, pressure and tackling stood out."

Kaine Baldwin

10 disposals, seven kicks, three marks

"Kaine had to come off early after a head knock, he came back on and helped us defensively."

Alastair Lord

13 disposals, five marks, three tackles

"Alastair had some good moments with ball in hand and set us up in attack."

Lewis Hayes

13 disposals, nine kicks, four marks

"Lewis was involved in a lot of contests which was good to see him compete in the air against good opposition."

Tex Wanganeen

Five disposals, one marks, two tackles

"Tex started the game well and tried to influence our attack, defensively tried hard to pressure the opposition."

Patrick Voss

Four goals, 13 disposals, six tackles

"Vossy competed well again and was a good target up forward. Defensively laid some big tackles and pressured their defenders when they had the ball."


Cian McBride

Six disposals, five marks, four tackle

"Cian competed again and played mainly defence. At times he went into the ruck where his follow up work was good."

Anthony Munkara

One disposal, three tackles

"Anthony had a quiet game but it was great to see him out there for his first full game in eleven months."