Skipper Dyson Heppell is closing in on 200 games. (Photo: AFL Photos)

After six years as the Bombers’ captain, the 2023 AFL season has sought quite the change for Dyson Heppell. 

In an interview on SEN Radio, Heppell discussed life outside captaincy responsibility, leadership under Brad Scott and the newfound freedom he’s established after the career-changing decision came to fruition.   


“It was more of a weight off my shoulders than I thought it would be,” Heppell said. 

“I do believe it has freed me up to play my best footy.” 

His most recent performance against West Coast resulted in an efficient 23 disposals and a match-high 13 marks.   

Heppell also highlighted his role in the internal transition within the new leadership group, Zach Merrett (captain) and Andy McGrath (deputy captain). 

“There was a bit of a teething period in finding where my leadership sits by trying to empower those guys (Merrett & McGrath) to take over completely.” He said. 

He added his praises to the efforts of Scott and the new style of coaching he brought to the table. 

“He’s (Scott) been super so far and has upheld a healthy balance of knowing when to care and offer complete support to the group.” 

“Brad's system-based approach is being embraced entirely by the guys, me included, Heppell said.