Across Round 19, the Bombers will be showing their support for the TAC Road Safety Round.  

This weekend, Road Safety Round will see AFL Victoria clubs and wider footy and netball community members take to the field wearing a blue armband. These bands remind us that we all are responsible for driving safely and are in honour of every life lost on the road.

The TAC and AFL Victoria partnership plays on the use of banter on the field to encourage sports people to have conversations with their mates and to play their role and call each other out on unsafe driving behaviours, like using mobile phones when driving, because we all have someone to drive safely for.

The Bombers wore blue armbands during today’s main training session, and fans can also support the cause by collecting their blue band at Friday’s game at Victory Room on level 1, behind Aisle 15.

Fans are encouraged to play their role by banding together for road safety during the match and across the weekend.

TAC CEO Tracy Slatter encouraged footballers and netballers across Victoria to continue having road safety conversations.

"Victorian football and netball clubs are often at the centre of their communities and we are proud of the way Road Safety Round is embraced by the clubs, and how it empowers players and members to have life-saving road safety conversations with their peers," she said.