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Gallery: Two-lap challenge

BTV: Pre-season | Two-lap challenge Physical Performance Manager Justin Crow takes us through the leading performers in The Hangar's two-lap challenge.

The Bombers were put through their paces in a two-lap challenge at The Hangar on Friday.

Young Don Kobe Mutch blitzed the field, finishing ahead of Dylan Clarke (second) and Michael Hartley (third).

The challenge is run over an undulating near-kilometre-long track at the club, with each player completing two laps.

Here's a selection of the club's snaps from the run:

Off and running.

Adam Saad.

Dylan Shiel.

David Zaharakis leads his group, with Mason Redman closely behind.

Dylan Clarke ahead of Kobe Mutch.

Orazio Fantasia crosses the finish line.

Michael Hurley crosses the finish line.

Michael Hurley lends some support to Brandon Zerk-Thatcher.

Dylan Clarke recovers after finishing second.

Skipper Dyson Heppell alongside winner Kobe Mutch.

Andy McGrath helps Michael Hartley, who finished third.

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