Bombers esports sits equal first in the Oceanic Pro League Split 1 standings after wins against Mammoth and Order in the opening week of League of Legends.

Commencing their second year in the OPL, the new-look Bombers had the upper hand for the majority of their 35:54-minute victory over Mammoth, but endured a tight battle against fellow Melbourne organisation Order.

The Bombers found themselves in a perilous position after Order’s smite-steal on Baron Nashor, but three vital kills from star recruit Victor ‘FBI’ Huang proved decisive in the Bombers’ unbeaten start.

Captain Jake ‘Rogue’ Sharwood – one of five new faces in the Bombers’ League of Legends team – said his side had plenty to work on as it prepares to face Legacy Esports on Friday.

“The weekend went about as well as we could have hoped,” Sharwood told

“We had that close game with Order and got a wake-up call that we still have a lot to work on, but we didn’t get the bad result that could have easily gone with that.

“If we had swept two games in a row we wouldn’t have so much motivation to keep working after this wake-up call, and it reminds us that we can’t just be complacent even with that tag of a super team. The tight match was a blessing to us all.”

Sharwood said he and his teammates had quickly settled into their new surroundings at The Hangar, praising the Essendon Football Club’s support throughout the transition.

“I’ve never had an organisation take care of its players so well before,” he said.

“Moving from Sin Gaming to Order it was a big step-up in how the systems were, and now it’s a massive move up again – it’s really beneficial to have that for the whole team.”

“I really want to give extra props to Essendon - they’ve really outdone themselves with everything and they continue to surprise me with the things they provide us with so they’ve really gone above and beyond for that and it’s going to be important as we look to go well in the split.”

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