The Bombers' esports roster has been finalised, after the club officially lodged papers with Riot Games ahead of the 2019 OPL Competition.

Headlining the new-look team is Jake 'Rogue' Sharwood, who debuted in 2016 on Sin Gaming and quickly made a name for himself as a mechanical god, making insane plays on champions such as Thresh.

Rogue’s 2018 teammate Victor 'FBI' Huang will also join the Bombers ahead of the 2019 competition.

FBI comes into the OPL regarded as one of the strongest AD carries, but like many others at the Bombers this season, has joined the side in the hopes of winning his first title.

Ju-Seong 'Mimic' Min will bring versatility to the Bombers next year, as one of the most exciting players in the OPL with a wealth of international experience.

Mimic can play a number of roles for the team, whether it be as a carry, or role-playing tank, he is capable of doing it all and there is nobody in the OPL who can do it better than he does.

Hyun-Jin 'Balkhan' Choi is the newest addition to the OPL. Residing from South Korea, the rookie has never played competitive League of Legends before.

After spending years playing casual League of Legends, Choi decided to try out Solo Queue and within two months shot up to 600LP on the Korean Challenger Leaderboard, where he was quickly recognised by Korea’s top talent agency. 

Balkhan plays a high-pressure style of League of Legends, with an aggressive champion pool to match his playstyle. Balkhan comes into the OPL as a hidden star, with his potential limitless.

Tommy 'Ryoma' Le is the final member of the Bombers' 2019 esports team.

Ryoma is recognised by all as "the" mid laner to beat when it comes to the OPL. Sporting a highly mechanical and aggressive playstyle, he plays League of Legends with an absence of fear. 

Scott Farmer will remain as Bombers esports coach in 2019 after coaching the New Zealand team in the recent League of Origin series, while the captain will be decided in the coming weeks. 

With the 2019 Bombers esports roster finalised, training will commence early December with a Korean boot camp, before the first split beginning in mid-January. 

2019 Bombers esports team:

Coach – Scott Farmer
Captain – TBC 
Jake 'Rogue' Sharwood
Victor 'FBI' Haung 
Min 'Mimic' Ju-Sung
Choi 'Balkhan' Hyun Jin
Tommy 'Ryoma' Le