Statement by Dave Smith, general manager -­ sales and marketing, Fujitsu General

As co-­major sponsor of the Essendon Football Club, Fujitsu General maintains its support of the Club.

Obviously this is a challenging time for the club and we will continue to work with the management
team and continue to monitor the situation and any future decisions.

Prior to signing as co-­major sponsor, the Essendon Football Club was very upfront and transparent
about all ASADA related matters, and what lay ahead for the team and associated corporate partners.

Regardless of the challenges it has faced, the Essendon Football Club has maintained a strong
community outreach program and is a progressive organisation dedicated to improving the connection
between the Club and its passionate supporters.

Fujitsu General continues to support the Club’s management, players and support team and wishes
the Club success for what will be a challenging season in 2016.