Get to know the lighter side to Essendon veteran David Zaharakis.

Which senior player first took you under their wing? Mark McVeigh 

Who has had the most influence on your career? Dad

Growing up, who was your favourite player? James Hird 

Toughest individual opponent: Luke Shuey 

Teammate most likely to coach: Not Darcy Parish

Teammate most likely to be a club president or CEO: Orazio Fantasia

Your funniest teammate: Irving Mosquito 

Who has/had the best haircut in AFL history: Warwick Capper 

At which store would you like to max out your credit card? Adidas

What are three things left on your bucket list? Travel, travel and more travel 

Do you have a dog? Axle - a Border Collie/Husky

What do you order at the bar? Water 

First concert you attended: Coldplay


Favourite holiday destination: Canada 

Favourite movie: Remember The Titans 

Favourite TV series: Seinfeld

Favourite band or musician: Red Hot Chilli Peppers


First meal after the season has ended: Water 

Coriander - yes or no? Yes

Pineapple on pizza - yes or no? No

Tomato sauce in the fridge - yes or no? Yes 

What’s your best childhood memory? Playing footy in the street