Essendon has formed an exciting new partnership with the Australian Paralympic Committee.

As part of the Bombers move to the High Performance Centre at Melbourne Airport, the facility will be the new Victorian headquarters of the APC.

Australian Paralympic Committee chief executive officer Jason Hellwig said it was a historic day for both organisations.

“It’s a really great partnership and something that we are very proud to be a part of,” Hellwig said.

“Building a facility of this size is a challenging undertaking and the results are going to last for a very long time.”

“It’s a credit to the Board and management of Essendon to get this project done and we are all very excited about working closely together in the future.”

Hellwig said the groundbreaking partnership provided a unique opportunity for professional athletes from different sports to learn from each other.

“I’m sure our guys will really relish the new environment,” Hellwig said.

“Not only will our athletes enjoy being around the Essendon players but I’ve got no doubt the Paralympic athletes can bring an enormous amount of value to the Essendon players as well.”

“We have a number of Essendon supporters amongst our Paralympic athletes too so there are certainly some very excited Bomber fans looking forward to the partnership.”

Essendon chairman Paul Little said the club was excited to be involved with another elite sporting organisation.

“We are thrilled to be able to work with the Australian Paralympic Committee and form this exciting partnership,” Little said.

“We have an enormous amount of respect for the paralympians as athletes and for the Australian Paralympic Committee as an organization.”