The Essendon Football Club is committed to creating safe environments for all supporters, AFL and AFLW players and staff, by encouraging and promoting diversity, and acceptance within the wider football community.

The Round 21 game against West Coast at Marvel Stadium will be the club's annual celebration with the Purple Bombers which celebrates diversity and inclusion at the club. 

The Purple Bombers, established in 2014, is the official diversity and inclusion supporter group of the Essendon Football Club. The Purple Bombers work hard to create and establish a strong and diverse coterie group and setting the foundations of a strong, safe and accepting supporter group for all.


Ultimately, the group aims to assist Essendon and the AFL in ensuring that all football games, at any level, are a safe environment for LGBTIQ supporters and players, by encouraging and promoting diversity, and acceptance within the wider football community.

Purple Bombers founder Jason Tuazon-McCheyne was at the club on Tuesday to launch the week of celebration.

“We need to make footy safer, and the Purple Bombers with Essendon aims to create an inclusive environment where individuals feel safe to express who they are,” Tuazon-McCheyne said. 

“It is important that all supporters feel welcome and safe at the footy. All of our love is irrational for the footy club and the fact everyone can go to the footy and be themselves is a wonderful thing. We’re super excited about Saturday’s game and our ongoing involvement with the AFLW team – it’s a wonderful opportunity to show inclusion and support.”

This week, Essendon and the Purple Bombers will come together to celebrate diversity and inclusion including hosting a Pride Panel for all players, coaches, staff and board members. The club will also screen the documentary Equal the Contest this week for all staff and players. This film aims to challenge social constructs, encourage participation and self-belief and celebrate a club leading by example to change club cultures around diversity, inclusion and safe participation in sport.

On Saturday against West Coast, the Purple Bombers will join Essendon staff to form our Guard of Honour as the team runs out. They will also be selling Purple Bombers merchandise and participating in the match-day entertainment.

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