The purpose of the Collins Street Dons is to extend the spirit and culture of the Essendon Football Club to Corporate supporters and their guests.

The Collins Street Dons consists of business people and membership is by invitation. Their functions include interviews with current Players, Past Players, Coaches, Directors, Players parents, Sponsors and EFC management.

The events are informative, insightful and presented in an entertaining style. The group was formed in 2009 and conducts three formal Luncheons a year and a Hanger visitation during the football season. Past players in particular are highlighted and recognised for their service to the Essendon Football Club.

The group is not primarily a fund-raising group and has a modest membership fee. Although over the years they have provided significant funds for the Hanger development. In addition, they have provided funds for Player training equipment, Player sponsorship and Hall of Fame support. Collins Street Dons members have also provided mentoring and business advice to current and former players.

Success on the field comes from effective management, strong administration and member support.  The Collins Street Dons are committed to play their role in the journey for the Essendon Football Club to winning their next Premiership.

Co conveners

Kevin Dale, Tim Donohue and Lyle Meaney