In conjunction with its partner META High School Esports, Bombers esports is proud to present a Victorian-first seminar for high school educators to learn how to prepare an esports team for peak performance.

Presented by Riot Games social play and community director Ivan Davies, participants will engage in a highly interactive workshop with a range of activities that can be easily replicated in the school environment.

The goal of such activity is for Essendon to support the grass roots participation and legitimacy of esports broadly, and League of Legends specifically, in the high school arena.

For the Bombers, it is crucial that students with a passion for gaming, both socially and competitively, are supported and feel they have a team they can be aligned to in their home state.

The workshop aims to equip teachers with the necessary skills and tools to understand how professional esports teams prepare, and how these can be applied for high-school students in social and casual competition. 

Hosted at The Hangar, the professional learning is primarily for high school teachers, but it's also suitable to anyone in the local area who's working with an esports team. 

Register here if you are interested in attending.