It's always a matter of pride and heritage when we come up against the Tigers. The 'Clash of the Sash' is an important date in any Essendon supporters' diary. Here are some reasons why. 

1. The Windy Hill Brawl - 1974:

Although the footage is black and white, we're 100% positive that we won this battle. You also know it's a good brawl when the Police get involved.

2. Richo scores the match winning goal in 2007... NOT:
We all remember this moment where Richo nearly broke our hearts.

But then he didn't, and fair to say he wasn't very happy.

At all.

He really didn't handle it well.

There, there Richo.

3. Lloyd-inho:

Lloyd kicked eight goals that night, including this World Cup worthy beauty.

Lucky that's on loop, cause we could watch it forever

4. Dreamtime 2014:

Howlett had a night out kicking a bag of goals, in what was a night to remember.

By the end of it, even the Tigers were helping him score.

BONUS: Joe was also deadly accurate...

Does that count as a disposal or a clanger?

5. The number one reason we can't stand the Tigers:

They stole our Sash.