Eighteen AFL-listed Bombers suited up in Saturday's 14-point win over Sandringham.

AFL development coach Leigh Tudor reviews each of their performances below.

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VFL Rd 13 | Mini-match

Extended highlights of our 14-point win against the Sandringham Zebras at Trevor Barker Beach Oval.

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Kaine Baldwin

Key stats: Three goals, five marks, 15 disposals

“He was one of our best players on the day. He was really strong in the contest, his aerial power was super and when we needed to throw him behind the ball for the last few minutes, he even defended really well. Outstanding game from Kaine.”

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VFL Rd 13 | Kaine Baldwin three-goal haul

Enjoy Kaine Baldwin's standout VFL performance for the Bombers.

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Cody Brand

Key statsfour disposals, two marks, three kicks

“Defensively, he was pretty good. He didn’t get involved much in terms of our attack. He’s had a few games for us this season where he’s got 20-plus possessions, but this week he was a bit quieter with that attack, but he defended really well.”

Nick Bryan 

Key stats: 14 disposals, 26 hitouts, four marks

“It’s probably the first time he’s been beaten in the hitouts for a long time by Tom Campbell who’s a good old-school ruckman. I thought he was able to still have an impact on the game. The longer the game went, the more involvements he had. He really helped us with his positioning and running patterns and his effort was there all day. Although he got beaten in the hitouts, he was a a valuable contributor to the team.”

Tom Cutler

Key stats: 35 disposals, four marks, four tackles

“He found a lot of the ball, ‘Ler’. It was a solid game. He defended pretty well up on his man and he beat his man one on one in the contest. He ran some really good patterns to join in our attack, he won a lot of the ball and drove it inside 50 for us, so it was a really solid game.”

Josh Eyre

Key stats: 14 disposals, six marks, one goal

“It was the second game for ‘Eyrey’ down back and he took six contested/ intercept marks which was pleasing to see him judging the flight of the ball and clunking a few. I really liked his game, and it was one of his better performances for the year. It’s exciting to see him influence the game from the backline.

Aaron Francis

Key statssix disposals, four marks, four kicks

“We had four key positions forwards in the time he was on the ground, so he pretty much played as a medium-high half forward. He played his role really well. He wasn’t involved in a lot of the marking contests because he was playing a bit higher and then he had a couple of big knocks and didn’t finish the game. Hopefully he pulls up ok this week.”

Tom Hird

Key stats: seven disposals, two tackles, one goal

“It was a pretty slow start to the game, and he didn’t have much impact. He had some moments where he looked really good when he got the ball in the defensive 50 as a winger and ended up at the fall of the ball and kicking a really nice goal. But it wasn’t a really impactful game.”

Kyle Langford

Key stats: 20 disposals, five clearances, five marks

“He pretty much played midfield the whole game. His first half was really solid and his first involvement in the game was a big tackle. He defended really well as a midfielder, and he transitioned really into attack and defence. He ran out of gas a little bit at the end, but it was a solid hitout. He’s been out for 13 weeks, but to come back and find the ball and win his individual contests, it was really pleasing to see him back. He was one of our most important contributors on the day.”

Alastair Lord

Key stats: 14 disposals, three marks, two tackles

“He found a bit more of the ball this week which was really pleasing, a bit of run and carry which set us up in attack quite a few times from half back. he used his speed and his agility really well. He’s still working on his defence, which was ok. He got caught out a couple of times and that’s a work in progress, but it’s good to see him impact with the ball in his hand.”

Cian McBride

Key statseight disposals, four marks, three hitouts

“He played centre half back and did a little bit of work in the ruck. It was another solid game, his one-on-one defending has been the highlight of his year, he’s really hard to play against down there in the backline. A couple of times he was in best position, but he misjudged the flight of the ball, but it was another good game from him.”

Garrett McDonagh 

Key stats: 15 disposals, four marks, four tackles

“It was his second game on the wing for us after moving from half back flank and it was another really good effort. He kicked a nice goal from the boundary line through running hard both ways all game, so it was good see him help the defenders as a winger and join in our attack, it was really pleasing. It was good to see him lay some big tackles and some good, contested ball.”

Jye Menzie

Key stats: two goals, 11 disposals, three marks

“Similar to last week, he impacted the game with a couple of tackles and a couple of goals. He looks comfortable at the level. It’s all new for him in our running patterns and the way we play, but he’s committed himself to play for the team which is really important and he’s doing a lot of work off the field to catch up on what he’s missed in terms of the game plan knowledge. It’s been a good couple of weeks for him.”

Zach Reid

Key stats12 disposals, six marks, eight kicks

“Zach was really good in the contest. His one-on-one work was fantastic, and he came off to support and intercept the ball quite a few times just reading the flight and getting in best position. It was great to see him beat his direct opponent and influence the game in the air. His ball use was back to his best, it was good to see him make good decisions and his skill execution was as good as it’s been for a while.”

Will Snelling

Key stats12 disposals, three marks, five tackles

“He played three quarters. He came on at quarter time and like Langford, his first contest was a big tackle on their ruckman Tom Campbell. It was really good to see his defensive impact throughout the game, but also, he won enough of the ball, won his one-on-one contests, made good decisions and his skill execution was good. It wasn’t a high-possession game, but everything he did was classy. It was great to see him back and his leadership in helping set up the young guys was awesome to watch.”

James Stewart

Key statsthree goals, eight disposals, four marks

“‘Stuz’ was really dominant in the first half. He played key forward and worked deep, kicked three goals and his contested marking was a highlight. He was pretty much making contested marking situations into uncontested ones with some good craft and body work. He had a really good first half, went into the ruck and then got injured. So, we didn’t really see too much after half time, but he was dominant for the time he was on.”

Pat Voss

Key statstwo goals, five disposals, three marks

“It was his first game back from injury. He’s such a good team man and tried to play his role with the other three key position players down there. He took a couple of nice, contested marks, and ended up with a couple of goals. Defensively, he’s one that likes to tackle so it was great to have him around in the forward line.”

Alec Waterman

Key stats12 disposals, five marks, two tackles

“It was a quieter game than usual for him, he’s usually been good when he’s played VFL. He played pretty high as a forward. He had some moments where he looked dangerous and showed his great decision-making and skill execution. When he was involved in the play, he did impact the game, but he didn’t impact the scoreboard this week.”

Brandon Zerk-Thatcher: 

Key stats: 12 disposals, 12 kicks, seven marks

“He was fantastic for us this week. His contest and the way he structures up down back, he’s a real leader down there for us. He’s working really well with Eyre, Reid and Brand down there. He’s a real captain of the backline, the boys love playing with him, and he just attacks the ball so hard in the air. He got a bit more of the ball this week, made good decisions and his skill execution was as good as it’s been. He switched the ball and made good decisions when he needed to.”